Study in the U.S.


Getting Started

Applying to a U.S. graduate school is a time-consuming, but fair and rewarding process. A few general points should be emphasized as you get started in this process.

  • Allow yourself enough time for this process. Taking standardized tests, organizing letters of recommendation, getting mark sheets and credentials, and writing (and re-writing) application essays is a time-consuming process. Allow between 12-15 months for this entire process.
  • Do not underestimate the importance of essays. Admissions officers take the application essays and Statement of Purpose (SoP) essays very seriously. Working hard to craft, proof-read and edit these essays many times over is an effort that will pay rich dividends.
  • Shortlist universities with a larger plan in mind. While nothing is impossible, ensure that you apply to a range of institutions that you would like to attend within your academic reach. Also you may want to keep in mind factors such as the university's proximity to relatives or friends, geographical location, scholarships, climate and cost of living, as well as factors such as entertainment, rural or urban setting and so forth.

We are here to help. Students living in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, or Mumbai can start by attending a basic information session at a USIEF office. Students living in other cities can attend an online webinar or call our EducationUSA Advising Help Desk on 1-800-103-1231. And there is more than enough information and advice on our website regarding U.S. universities and scholarships! Students are also advised to download our handout on graduate study.

For any query on U.S. higher education, call us on our EdUSA toll-free hotline 1800-103-1231 between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm (Monday-Friday)