Vision Statement

The vision of the United States - India Educational Foundation (USIEF) is to "deepen" and "widen" mutual understanding between the citizens of India and the U.S. through focused educational and cultural exchanges.


As a bi-national Fulbright Commission, USIEF's vision is to constantly nurture the unparalleled foresight of Senator J. William Fulbright to promote mutual understanding among the citizens of U.S. and other countries. In this mission, USIEF draws on the Indian tradition's view that scholarship transcends borders.


USIEF reaches out to a cross-section of the civil society in India and the United States, and it achieves excellence in promoting and supporting exchange activity between students, researchers, academicians, professionals, policy and opinion-makers, and higher education institutions of the two countries.


The vision of USIEF is to emerge as a knowledge and service-driven model for other similar bi-national entities. USIEF strives to hold a leadership position by developing a critical mass of information for creating and sustaining mutually beneficial strategic alliances among higher education institutions of India and the U.S.


USIEF envisions proactively providing world-class education services to accelerate the growth of bilateral educational and cultural relations. USIEF also views its role as a platform for staging dialogues and cultural performances for bi-national education audiences, and for encouraging collaborative projects involving Fulbright scholars and higher education institutions of the two countries and the region.


USIEF strives to contribute to advocacy of quality improvement of higher education, internationalization of education and mainstreaming the educationally deprived sections of the society.


USIEF's vision is to build strong partnerships and create synergies with stakeholders who are committed to the cause of development of Indo-U.S. relations through educational and cultural interface.


The vision of USIEF is to forge an inseparable partnership between India and the U.S. through constant people-to-people interface, which ultimately realizes the ambitions of the two countries to constantly improve the quality of life of their citizens and thereby strengthen the spirit of democracy.