Prabhat Prakash
Grant Category: Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowships
Project Title: Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Lithium Ion Migration in Solid Organic Electrolytes
Field of Study: Energy Studies
Home Institution: Indian Institute of Science Education and Research – Pune, Pune, Maharashtra
Host Institution: Temple University, Philadelphia, PA  
Grant Start Month: August, 2018
Duration of Grant: Nine months

Prabhat Prakash
Brief Bio:

Mr. Prabhat Prakash is a PhD candidate in the Department of Chemistry and Centre for Energy Science at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research – Pune. Mr. Prakash is working under the supervision of Dr. Arun Venkatnathan on modeling and simulating materials for efficient carbon capture and lithium ion batteries. His aim is to extend the limits of computer simulations to understand the chemistry of materials beneficial for energy conversion.

Mr. Prakash has qualified for both GATE and CSIR fellowships. He received his BSc and MSc degree from Banaras Hindu University, where he was a DST-INSPIRE fellow. Apart from scientific research, he loves poetry, debate, and theater. He represented BHU in the East Zone Inter-University Youth Festival in mime and short play.

During the Fulbright-Nehru fellowship period, Mr. Prakash is working on the molecular modeling of solid electrolytes and co-crystalline materials, which can be a viable alternative to current generation liquid electrolytes for lithium ion batteries. He is using quantum chemistry and molecular dynamic simulations to calculate and interpret the structural, dynamical, and mechanical properties of the proposed materials, which can serve as a replacement to existing materials.