Francis Kalloor Joseph
Grant Category: Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowships
Project Title: Affordable Photo-Acoustic Imaging System for Cancer Detection
Field of Study: Science and Technology (Bioengineering)
Home Institution: Indian Institute of Technology–Hyderabad, Hyderabad, Telangana
Host Institution: Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY  
Grant Start Month: September, 2016
Duration of Grant: Nine months

Francis Kalloor Joseph
Brief Bio:

Mr. Francis K. Joseph is a PhD candidate at the Indian Institute of Technology–Hyderabad. His research interest lies in medical imaging. Prior to his PhD, Mr. Joseph completed his master’s degree in communication and signal processing from Christ University, Bengaluru. As part of his master’s project he worked on diffuse optical tomography for breast cancer detection. The module was part of a major research project of Christ University aimed at developing a fluorescent diffuse optical tomographic system. At Christ University he also focused on developing fast and accurate mathematical methods for image reconstruction in addition to developing imaging hardware. He was awarded the first rank for his academic performance during this period. He also worked as junior lecturer at Christ University for six months after completion of his master’s degree.

He is an active runner and has participated in several marathons. He is a strong promoter of long-distance running. He loves reading and playing the guitar in his leisure time.

Presently, he is working on photo-acoustic tomography. The aim of his work is early diagnosis of cancer using medical imaging. Good image resolution and contrast are the keys for early diagnosis. This is achieved in photoacoustic images by combining light and sound. His research focus is on developing an accurate and affordable photoacoustic system for early diagnosis.