Ranjani Srinivasan
Grant Category: Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowships
Project Title: Arts and Culture Management
Field of Study: Arts and Culture Management
Home Institution: Diagrammar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Host Institution: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA  
Grant Start Month: August, 2016
Duration of Grant: Two years

Ranjani Srinivasan
Brief Bio:

Ms. Ranjani Srinivasan works as a designer at Diagrammar Architects, a firm that works on a variety of architectural design projects ranging from residences to industrial units. Previously she worked as a senior research assistant for the Urbanization Migration Nexus Project conducted by the London School of Economics in partnership with DFiD, Peoples Architecture Commonweal, and South East Asia Research Hub, which investigated the causes and repercussions of migration on urban growth. Her interests lie at the intersection of design, conservation, and social policy in the domain of urban conservation.

Ms. Srinivasan earned a degree in interior design from the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT) University, and has previously taught design at CEPT University and been an active participant in the Reimagining CEPT Project.

Her participation in a graduate program in historic preservation with a focus on conservation and policy is providing Ms. Srinivasan with greater knowledge in conservation policy, planning, and governance, and helping her acquire skills in tectonics and technology. Upon her return to India, she aspires to found an organization to partner with conservation activists and play a broader interdisciplinary role in strengthening the application of design in the practice of adaptive reuse and conservation in India.