US Fulbright Alumna publishes her research done in India

Suzanne Schwartz, an alumna of the 2008-09 Fulbright Student Research program has published her research done in India in the Advertising and Society Review. It is an online academic journal published through Project MUSE, produced by Johns Hopkins University Press. The article published is A&SR Volume 13, Issue 4, 2013 is titled: “Girl Power Through Purchasing?: The Urban, Young, Educated, Working, Indian Woman and Aspirational Images in Personal Care and Beauty Aid Advertisements” and is available online. Schwartz’s article explores the changing aspirations, economic positions, and social concepts of urban, young, educated, working women in India.


Schwartz is currently doing an MBA in corporate social responsibility and international business at Brandeis University, Massachussets. Schwartz spent her Fulbright tenure at the University of Delhi.


Suzanne Schwartz (second from left) with other Fulbrighters in India