Indian Fulbright Nehru Alumna shares her Fulbright experience

Sushmita Ghatak, Fulbright-Nehru – CII Fellow for ‘Leadership in Management’ in 2012-13, at the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pittsburgh; says that a key take-away from the program has been developing a focus on continuous self-development instead of remaining confined to the oft-focused dimension of work or professional development. She says that, instead of spending our entire time on ‘doing things,’ taking time out for reflections on our actions would help us better our future actions. This element of retrospection and introspection will go a long way to hone ones leadership skills.


Formal learning and interaction with companies, peers and faculty was aided with group activities like play acting and rock climbing. This program also provided Ghatak the opportunity to interact with the host community and appreciate the local culture through exposure to local events.


Sushmita Ghatak (3rd from right) during a team exercise at the Global Leadership Executive Forum at Tepper School of Business.