On World Water Day Indian Fulbright-Nehru Alumnus Addresses Problems of Water Conflicts

Sudheer Padikkal, 2011-12 Fulbright-Nehru Environment Leadership Program Alumnus, interacted with senior officials of the Government of India on March 22, 2013 to explain how drought conditions in the state of Kerala has been aggravated due to water conflicts with its neighboring states. Padikkal is in the process of developing a geographical information system for all the 44 river basins in the state, to help in assessing environmental water needs of the state.


During his Fulbright-Nehru tenure, Padikkal worked on policy responses to water conflicts at the Arizona State University. Padikkal is Deputy Director, Joint Water Regulation Division of the Water Resources Department, Government of Kerala.


Sudheer Padikkal (third from right) explaining drought conditions to GoI officials