On January 18, 2013, Sami A Khan, 2011-2012, Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Program alumnus, was awarded the Muse India Young Writer Award (Runner-Up) at Hyderabad Literary Festival 2013. His novel "Red Jihad" written in 2010 is a politically incorrect military fiction with loads of masala, twists and treachery to be able to emerge as a thriller. There are no holy cows in "Red Jihad" - everyone happens to be 'dirty' - be it global intelligence agencies, nations and terrorists; with everyone trying to double-cross each other to further their own individual agendas at the expense of larger national/international concerns. Khan said “This is Book I of a series that I envisioned and Book II will soon be complete, which will take on from where Book I ended, and move into the realm of Science Fiction.”


Khan is doing his PhD in English at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi. He spent his Fulbright tenure at the University of Iowa.


Sami A Khan receiving the Muse India Young Writer Award at Hyderabad