US Fulbright Scholar Publishes book on Informal Labor in India

Rina Agarwala, 2009-10, Fulbright-Hays Faculty Research Abroad Fellowships program alumna has recently published a book on her work done in India during her Fulbright tenure. Agarwala’s book Informal Labor, Formal Politics and Dignified Discontent in India has been published by Cambridge University Press. In her book, Agarwala examines informal workers' alternative social movements in India. Agarwala investigates how recent changes in structures of production have altered workers’ collective action strategies. She also explores how these strategies fare under different state conditions.


Agarwala is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Johns Hopkins University. She spent her Fulbright tenure at the Institute of Human Development in Delhi.


Rina Agarwala’s book cover