Indian Fulbright-Nehru alumnus receives the 2015 Endeavor Fellowship by the Australian Government

2011 Fulbright-Nehru Environmental Leadership Program Fellow, Ranjay Singh, has been awarded the 2015 Endeavor Fellowship by the Australian Government. He will conduct his research on “Farmers' Knowledge-led Adaptation to Climate Variability: Mainstreaming into Co-Production of Knowledge and Climate Change Adaptation Policy in India,” at the Charles Darwin University, Darwin, Australia.


His project aims to: (i) analyze a primary dataset on perceptions of small-scale and marginal farmers, and tribal community members about climate variability and the traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) and grassroots innovation (GI) that have enabled them to adapt so far; (ii) identify the critical gaps in current climate change adaptation policies of Indian agriculture likely to affect these most marginalized peoples; and (iii) develop a strategic framework for involving resource-poor farmers and researchers in the co-production of knowledge so that knowledge and innovation of farmers can be mainstreamed into policies aimed at enhancing agricultural adaptation and sustainability.


The proposed study will help him enhancing his skills relating to the dynamics of TEK and GIs-led sustainable adaptations and hybridizing these resources within a strategic framework for informed policy decisions.


Ranjay Singh (left) working with a migratory farmer in Rajasthan on climate change adaptation