US Fulbright Program alumnus Pankaj Tandon, recipient of a Fulbright-Nehru award to India in 2011, has authored a paper ‘The Lion Conqueror Type of Kumaragupta I’ which has been accepted to appear in the Journal of the Oriental Numismatic Society. The paper is a result of his effort to prepare catalogues for the Uttar Pradesh State Museum, one of the largest museums in India, of their collections of gold coins from Ancient India. It is one of the most important public collections in India that had not been published previously. Tandon had spent two weeks at the three largest museums in the system, studying and photographing their coins.


Following his Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship, he has written several papers, ‘Horseman Coins of Candragupta III’ (to be published as a paper in a book edited by the world’s expert on Gupta coins, Ellen Raven, Leiden University, Netherlands); ‘The Succession after Kumaragupta I’ (to appear in the world’s top journal for Indological Studies, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society); ‘Tentative Attributions of some Gold Fanams of the Eastern Gangas’(accepted for publication at Numismatic Digest, the top numismatic journal in India).


Tandon was a Fulbright-Nehru Visiting Lecturer at St. Stephen’s College, a prestigious college affiliated to Delhi University, where he taught a course in Microeconomic Theory. He is currently authoring a textbook on Microeconomic Theory, with an emphasis on applications to the Indian context. Oxford University Press has expressed interest in the publishing the book.


Pankaj Tandon speaking at a numismatic conference in Pune