US Fulbright Alumnus Publishes Article On Innovation Systems

US Fulbright alumnus Pankaj Sharma, recipient of a 2009 Fulbright New Century Scholar award to India, has published an article titled ‘India's National and Regional Innovation Systems: Challenges, Opportunities and Recommendations for Policy Makers’ in Industry and Innovation, an international refereed interdisciplinary journal published by Routledge. In the article, the author argues the need for continuous reforms in India's infrastructure, innovation culture and dynamic leadership to sustain the growth of innovation. The article is a result of Sharma’s work in India during his Fulbright tenure. Sharma is Managing Director at the Energy Center in Global Sustainability Institute at Purdue University. His article can be viewed here.


As a Fulbright scholar, Sharma worked on the topic ‘Discovery with Delivery’ comparing the Purdue innovation model with India’s innovation system, at the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology in Hyderabad.


Pankaj Sharma (right) in discussion with a colleague (Photo by Phillip Fiorini/Purdue University's Discovery Park)