Indian Fulbright-Nehru Alumna Organizes Nature Leadership Program for Youth

Diti Mookherjee, 2011-12, Fulbright-Nehru Environment Leadership Program alumna provides environmental education and leadership training for school children in West Bengal, India through the Green Rhinos program. Through the program, school children are made aware of environmental issues facing their ecosystems and how students can protect their environment. The program also provides the students with tools to create and execute their own nature conservation projects as well. These interventions have the potential to ignite a life-long passion for nature conservation among youth.


Mookherjee is CEO of Association of Social and Environmental Development, a nonprofit organization with a vision to create an ecologically sustainable society. She spent her Fulbright tenure at Santa Clara University in California.


Diti Mookherjee interacting with school children on the Green Rhinos Program