US Fulbright-Nehru Alumnus mentors Indian Mathematician to become Fulbright Scholar

Fulbright-Nehru Visiting Lecturer program, 2009-10 alumnus, Daniel Wulbert has mentored Srinivasa Taduri who returned back to India in 2012 after his Fulbright tenure. Following his Fulbright-Nehru tenure, Wulbert has published three research papers that are a result of his work during the fellowship. He has also referred articles authored by Mathematicians in India, of which six have been published in the Journal of the Indian Academy of Sciences. Wulbert has also successfully recommended a nominee to the Indian Academy of Sciences.


Wulbert is a professor at the Mathematics Department in University of California, San Diego. During his Fulbright-Nehru tenure, he worked on Functional Analysis at the Mangalore University in Karnataka.