Ms. Kasia Paprocki
Field of Study: Development Sociology
Home Institution in the U.S.: Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Host Institution in India: Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi  
Start Date/Month in India: January 2015
Duration of Grant: Eleven months

Brief Bio:
Ms. Kasia Paprocki is a PhD candidate in development sociology at Cornell University. Her research is concerned with the relationship between development and agrarian change in South Asia. Ms. Paprocki has been conducting research in rural and urban communities in Bangladesh since 2006, focusing on a variety of development interventions. Her work has appeared in academic publications such as Third World Quarterly and Journal of Peasant Studies. She has also written more popular pieces for Food First and Huffington Post. Before coming to Cornell, Ms. Paprocki was the research and program manager at the Chicago-based Goldin Institute.

Ms. Paprocki’s project focuses on West Bengal and the southwestern region of Bangladesh, examining the social and ecological transformations being driven by commercial shrimp aquaculture, as well as the migrations that are resulting from these changes. Her research looks in particular at the relationship between shrimp farming and climate change, and the ways in which different understandings of ecological change drive changes in production systems.