Ms. Laura F. Goffman
Field of Study: Middle East History
Home Institution in the U.S.: Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
Host Institution in India: Ashoka University, Sonipat, Haryana  
Start Date/Month in India: July 2015
Duration of Grant: Ten months

Brief Bio:
Ms. Laura Goffman is a PhD student in modern Middle East history at Georgetown University. She holds an MA in Near Eastern studies from New York University and a BA in history from Grinnell College. Ms. Goffman has lived and studied in Egypt, Jordan, and Oman. She has presented her research at the Middle East Studies Association and the Middle East History and Theory Conference.

Ms. Goffman’s research explores relational patterns of state institution building and cultural practice in the context of dynamic social, economic, and political transformations in 20th-century Oman. She is interested in how knowledge and history were institutionalized in the realms of education and the military, and how the reception of these programs by heterogeneous communities diverged from state intentions. She is examining this process in the late period of Oman’s experience as an informally controlled territory of the British Empire in the Indian Ocean (ca. 1930–1970), focusing on the continuities and ruptures between this period and the first two decades of state making in sovereign Oman (1970–1990) under Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said.