Mr. Hunter C. Bandy
Field of Study: Religious Studies/Islamic Studies
Home Institution in the U.S.: Duke University, Durham, NC
Host Institution in India: University of Delhi, Delhi  
Start Date/Month in India: July 2015
Duration of Grant: Twelve months

Brief Bio:
Mr. Hunter Bandy is a PhD candidate in Duke University’s graduate program in religion. He earned a BA in political science with honors from Swarthmore College in 2007 and an MA in Middle Eastern studies from Harvard University in 2011. His research focuses on Muslim intellectual history in medieval and early-modern South Asia and the Middle East. Mr. Bandy’s research and studies have led him to Syria, Lebanon, Tajikistan, and India in the recent past, where he has read classical Arabic and Persian texts. While at Duke, Ms. Bandy has served as a teaching assistant for a variety of courses related to Islamic philosophy and theology, the Qur’an, Islamic law, and religion in America. He has also worked as a graduate writing tutor in Duke’s Thompson Writing Program.

Mr. Bandy’s project focuses on a network of Iranian scholars who wrote in the transmitted Islamic sciences, empirical sciences, and occult science in the South Indian Deccan sultanates. By researching intersections between the study of nature and religious ethics, Mr. Bandy hopes to bring the study of Islam into closer conversation with other studies on the mystical and occult origins of modern science. Mr. Bandy is examining extant Persian and Arabic manuscript evidence in the archives of Delhi, Hyderabad, Rampur, and Patna.