Sharachchandra Lele

Grant Category: Fulbright-Nehru Environmental Leadership Program Fellow
Field of Specialization: Environmental Management
Name: Dr. Sharachchandra Lele
Official Address and Designation: Senior Fellow
Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE)
Royal Enclave, Jakkur P.O.,
Bengaluru 560 064
Telephone (O): 080 2363 5555
E-mail: slele@atree.org
Duration of Grant: Four months
Project Title: Integrating Ecosystem Services with Environmental Governance
Abstract of Project :
Translating the concept of ecosystem services into policy and action requires an integration of payments-based approaches with traditional environmental governance. Under my Fulbright grant, I propose to strengthen this strategic area in my research and that of ATREE by interacting and setting up long-term collaborations with Professor Gretchen Daily and other researchers at Stanford University’s Woods Institute for the Environment, who are pioneers and world leaders in ecosystem services assessment. Activities include seminars, field visits, review of data, and mathematical modelling. Proposed outputs include joint papers and proposals. Interactions with Stanford’s IPER program will strengthen ATREE’s fledgling Ph.D. program. Findings will be fed into Indian research and policy networks.

Academic Background :
Ph.D. Energy and Resources University of California, Berkeley, U.S. 1993
M. Sc. Systems Science Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru 1987
B. Tech. Electrical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology—Bombay,

Professional Background :
Senior Fellow Centre for Environment and Development,
ATREE, Bengaluru
2009-till date
Senior Fellow Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in
Environment and Development, Bengaluru
Senior Research Associate Pacific Institute for Studies in Development,
Environment and Security, Oakland, U.S.
Bullard Fellow for Forest Research Harvard University, Cambridge, U.S. 1994-1995
Dr. Sharachchandra Lele