Gannon University, PA

Executive Summary

Partnership for Global Orientation for Teaching Education Advancement for Comprehensive Health Education

The Villa Maria School of Nursing (VMSON) at Gannon University, Erie Pa. U.S.A. and Sacred Heart Nursing College (SHNC), Dindigul, India has been in collaboration since March 2013. With this grant we will bridge the gaps between faculty and students by promoting, integrating, and enhancing culturally rich international education experiences across curricula. SHNC will redesign their nursing curriculum to incorporate patient simulation, public health, health care administration and other technology-based learning strategies to enhance and promote student-centered learning. Gannon University VMSON faculty and students will be exposed to high volume patient care and public health concerns in clinical settings and will revise its nursing curriculum to include classroom and hands-on learning for managing such care within its public health and nurse administration courses.

Indian students will have the opportunity to learn and perfect nursing techniques on simulation equipment, improving their skills before entering a setting in which they work with live patients. U.S. students will learn how to respond to and provide care in settings with high volume patient care and public health. Together these culturally competent students will enter the workforce better trained and more skilled than many of their peers.