Professor Kathleen M. Fritz

Grant Category: Fulbright-Nehru Visiting Lecturer
Field of Specialization: Design Education
Name: Professor Kathleen M. Fritz
Official Address and Designation: Professor
Savannah College of Art and Design
Department of Interior Design
Savannah, Georgia
Host Institution in India: Srishti School of Art Design & Technology
Bangalore, Karnataka
Duration of Grant: 5 months
July 2011
Brief Bio:
Professor Kathleen Fritz is a Professor of interior design at the Savannah College of Art and Design and founding member of the material reclamation non-profit, Emergent Structures, Inc. She received her B.A. in psychology from Gordon College and her Master's in interior design from the Boston Architectural College. She is the recipient of the IDEC 2011 Merritt of Distinction Award and the 2010 SCAD Presidential Fellowship. Drawing from careers in community mental health, art, design practice, education and social enterprise research she seeks to immerse students in the potential of design to engage cultural and environmental systems.
As Fulbright-Nehru fellow, Professor Fritz's research focuses on developing social entrepreneurship models with an interdisciplinary team of design and advanced degree education students from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. Students will study mission, vision, goals, operations and current curriculum of a non-profit after-school program for disadvantaged Indian children. After immersion, observations and participation, students will develop an after-school curriculum package prototype which will include design based strategies and activities and learning accessories to increase academic levels and work skills. Students will create business plans, marketing strategies and advertisement campaign for the prototype as if they were starting their own social enterprise.