Dr. Chathapuram S. Ramanathan

Grant Category: Fulbright-Nehru Visiting Lecturer
Field of Specialization: Social work
Name: Dr. Chathapuram S. Ramanathan
Official Address and Designation: Executive Officer
At-Large Southfield,
Michigan MI
Host Institution in India: National Institute of Mental Health
and Neuro Sciences Bengaluru, Karnataka
Duration of Grant: 5 months
October 2011
Brief Bio:
Dr. Chathapuram Ramanathan, has a Master's and Doctoral degree form the University of Illinois. He has worked in human services for over three decades. His pr actice and scholarship focus on addiction recovery, cross-cultural issues, social development, clinical social work, and provided Psychotherapy, and is a licensed marriage and family therapist He has taught in graduate schools of social work for over 10 years; published 20 refered articles, co-authored books: "All Our Futures", printed in 1999, reprinted in 2004; and in 2011; "Human Behavior in a Just World: Reaching for Common Ground". Dr. Ramanathan has received many accolades, including tribute in 2008 from Michigan Governor and Legislator.  In 2004, a co-authored article: "Mental health, social context, refugees and immigrants", was judged as best article, by National Human Rights Workers Association. In 2004, he was a Senior Fulbright Specialist and lectured at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, and National Institute of Mental Health and Nuero Sciences.  In 2002, Dr. Ramanathan was a US-Speaker Series program speaker: "Diversity and Inclusiveness: A Hindu American View," at the conference "Religious Pluralism and Democratic Societies: United States and South East Asia," Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He also served on the Michigan Governor's Multi Cultural Mental Health Task Force; Council on Social Work Education's (CSWE) International Commission. He has served on several agency's boards, Social Work National Ethics Committee, and editorial boards of: Drugs and Society; Social Development Issues. Dr. Ramanathan is the founding Chair of Michigan Indo-American Democratic Caucus, a Statewide Caucus that was formed on behalf of Indo-Americans for the first time in the history of United States of America.
Dr. Ramanathan's Fulbright-Nehru research project has two parts: i) Provide series of guest lectures on Social Work Practice and ii) Convening of an international conference. Indian couples are being exposed to increased levels of marital and family stress due to changes in work- home demands of couples is impacting family functioning. Through discussions with faculty and administrators of Loyola College social work department, and the college, it became clear that offering of a series of lectures on social work practice with couples and families would be useful and valuable.He also propose to co-convene an international conference on "Partnering with Youth to Promote and Sustain Peace".