Mr. Rohit Setty

Grant Category: Fulbright-Nehru Student Research Program
Field of Specialization: Education
Name: Mr. Rohit Setty  
Official Address: University of Michigan-Ann Arbor Michigan
Indian Host Institution: Regional Institute of Education, Mysore, Karnataka
Duration of Grant &
Start Date :
Duration: 9 months
January 2012

Brief Bio:
Mr. Rohit Setty is currently a doctoral student in the Teaching & Teacher Education Program at the University of Michigan. As a graduate student, his work focuses on the intersection between educational policy and teacher training practices in India. Having worked with teachers, policy makers and political scientists in India, his current work is an examination of the new national teacher education curriculum framework in India and the mediating spaces where implementation will take place. Mr. Setty completed his M.A. in South Asian Studies from the University of Michigan, where he studied educational issues in India through the multiple perspectives of history, anthropology, economics, business, religion, and architecture. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Social Science and Secondary Education from James Madison University in southern Virginia. He has taught in Virginia, Japan, and New Zealand as a secondary school teacher and has worked with in-service and pre-service Social Studies teachers across Michigan for the last five years.
Mr. Setty's Fulbright-Nehru research titled as "Shaping Teacher Education: India's New National Curriculum for Teacher Education" focuses on how India's new National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education gets interpreted and enacted by teacher educators and their trainers. Beginning in January 2012, he will study Hindi at the Central Institute of Indian Languages in Mysore. From May, he will examine the existing professional learning settings for teacher educators at Mysore's Regional Institute of Education. And from August through late December, he will conduct a design research study in collaboration with an institute faculty member. He intends to design, enact, and analyze professional learning opportunities for the teacher educators who will enact the curriculum framework.