Mr. Dinyar Patel

Grant Category: Fulbright-Nehru Student Research Program
Field of Specialization: Modern Indian History
Name: Mr. Dinyar Patel  
Official Address: Harvard University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences,
Indian Host Institution: Parzor Foundation, New Delhi.
Duration of Grant &
Start Date :
Duration: 9 months
July 2011

Brief Bio:
Mr. Dinyar Patel is a Ph.D. candidate in History at Harvard University. His dissertation is on the contribution of Dadabhai Naoroji, known as the "Grand Old Man" of India, to the political ideologies and transnational networks of the early nationalist movement, focusing on the interconnected domains of social, religious, and political reform. Along with Professor S.R. Mehrotra, he is co-editor of a volume of selected Naoroji correspondence from the Naoroji papers at the National Archives of India, to be published by Oxford University Press. His primary research interests include the Indian nationalist movement and the history of the Parsi community of India. Mr. Patel graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. in international relations in 2004 and worked in a foreign policy consulting firm in Washington, D.C. before entering graduate school.
Mr. Patel's Fulbright-Nehru research titled "The Grand Old Man: Dadabhai Naoroji and the Contours of Indian Nationalism" will be an archival research for his dissertation on Dadabhai Naoroji and the early Indian nationalist movement. He puts forth that Naoroji—shaped by the politics of Bombay and his own Parsi community—played a critical role in establishing the Indian National Congress Party's secular tone and the moderate, pluralist politics of the entire nationalist movement. Naoroji's papers, long neglected by scholars, will bring new perspectives on the evolution of Indian politics. The research will be conducted not only at the National Archives of India in Delhi, but also in archives and libraries in Mumbai, Pune and Gujarat.