Dr. Preeta M. Banerjee

Grant Category: Fulbright-Nehru Senior Researcher
Field of Specialization: Business Administration/Entrepreneurship
Name: Dr. Preeta M. Banerjee       
Official Address and Designation: Assistant Professor
Brandeis University International Business School
Waltham, Massachusetts
Indian Host Institution: Asutosh College
University of Calcutta, Kolkata
Duration of Grant & Start Date : 4 months
December 2011

Brief Bio:
Dr. Preeta M. Banerjee is an Assistant Professor of strategy at the Brandeis International Business School, Brandeis University. Her research and teaching span the strategic management of technology and innovation in entrepreneurial endeavors and the evolution of individuals, technology, the firm, and the industry in the life sciences and clean tech industries. In addition to numerous book chapters and press articles, her work on human capital bricolage can be found in R&D Management and her work on the sociological processes relating to knowledge recombination can be found in Technovation and IEEE TEM. Her recent co-edited book with TiE-Boston Executive Director, Vanita Shastri, "Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability in Business: How Organizations Handle Profits and Social Duties" explores the recent move of social change from corporations to the global social entrepreneur. She is a recent recipient of the IBM Innovation Award 2010-2011 and one of the recipients of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Advanced Technology Program Award 2008-2009. She spent close to three years in consultancy working primarily with technology start-ups. She teaches courses in competition and strategy, business and the environment, managing technology and innovation, and knowledge flows in global competition. She is a contributing member of the Strategic Management Society, Academy of Management, The Conscious Entrepreneurs Collaborative, and The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) – Boston.
The title of Dr. Banerjee's Fulbright-Nehru grant is "Inventor Bricolage and Knowledge Recombination in Indian Technology-based Entrepreneurial Firms". The purpose of this grant is to research technology entrepreneurship in Kolkata. This research will seek to answer a number of questions: How do entrepreneurs assemble resources, particularly when resources are scarce? How do intellectual property (IP) rights facilitate entrepreneurial activity? Findings of the research will be disseminated through lectures, conference presentations, and publication of manuscripts to encourage transfer of insights between her home and host institutions, as well as on a broader level between the U.S. and India. .