Mr. Pulkit Agrawal

Grant Category: International Fulbright Science and Technology Fellows
Field of Specialization: Electrical Engineering
Name: Mr. Pulkit Agrawal
Official Address and Designation:  Student, B.Tech (Electrical Engineering)
IIT Kanpur
128/365 K Block Kidwai Nagar,
Kanpur – Uttar Pradesh
Telephone (O): 09935590072  
Duration of Grant: Three years
Study Objectives:
A problem which has always intrigued me is "How does the brain work?" The question still remains one of the greatest mysteries of science. The human brain is an extremely power efficient computational device capable of performing numerous complex day to day to tasks such as vision and speech with amazing ease.

A few fundamental questions which I seek to address include "How are ideas/concepts represented in the neural circuits"? and "How is information processed?" This research will push forward the frontiers of human knowledge and provide design principles for emulating holistic intelligence in artificial agents, lead to advances in medicine, healthcare and enable a new paradigm for human computer interaction among a plethora of other benefits.
Academic Background :
Bachelor of Technology Electrical Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur 2007-11
Pulkit Agrawal