Dr. Veena Uday Joshi

Grant Category: Fulbright-Nehru Senior Research Scholar
Field of Specialization: Geomorphology
Name: Dr. Veena Joshi
Official Address and Designation: Associate Professor
Department of Geography
University of Pune
Pune 411 007
Telephone (O): 91-20-25431596
E-mail: veenaujoshi@gmail.com
Duration of Grant: Six Months
Project Title: Evaluation of geomorphic and anthropogenic effects on the development of badlands
Abstract of Project :
Badlands are the landscapes that are deeply dissected and are hummocky in appearance. As the name implies, they are "bad" lands, not suitable for any economic activities. However, due to their dynamic nature and reclaimed as agricultural land by farmers, such landscapes demand attention from the earth scientists from all across the globe. These badlands are found along the river banks and pediment zones of Pravara Basin in Maharashtra. They have been the focus of my research for the past twenty years. I propose to study similar landscapes of larger magnitude which are found extensively in North and South Dakota in USA. With these data, I shall highlight similarities and differences in the morphology, sedimentology and land surface processes of two geographic regions – Deccan Trap in India and North America.

Academic Background :
Ph.D. Geomorphology (Geography) University of Pune, Pune 1993
M. Phil. Geomorphology University of Pune, Pune 1985
M.A. Geomorphology University of Pune, Pune 1983

Professional Background :
Associate Professor University of Pune, Pune 2006-till date
Assistant Professor S.P.College, Pune 1987-2006
Dr. Veena Joshi