Ms. Manju Menon

Grant Category: Fulbright-Nehru Doctoral and Professional Research Fellow
Field of Specialization: Environment
Name: Ms. Manju Menon
Official Address and Designation:  Research Scholar
Centre for Studies in Science Policy
School of Social Sciences
Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)
New Delhi 110 067  
Telephone (O): 91-11-26704756     
Duration of Grant: Nine Months                        
Project Title: Making Environmental (Non) Knowledges: Public Hearings and Hydro-electric projects in Northeast India.
Abstract of Project :
In recent years, over 168 major dams have been planned for North-East India (NE), the region cradled in the shadow zone of the Eastern Himalayas. The official view is that these projects are 'vital' to reconciling imperatives for growth with a twin agenda for development and conserving the environment. But their implementation has been dogged by waves of protests. The disputes over projects are voiced and played out during Public-Hearings (PH), the forum that is officially mandated to elicit and respond to questions and doubts from project affected people and local populations. My research effort intends to theorise the possibilities of treating Public-Hearings as a credible space for negotiations between policy, politics and people. While the Public-Hearing was 'officially' instituted to tap differing ideas about development and environmental justice, it has, as an institution, yet to evolve synergies for cooperation and dialogue.

Academic Background :
Ph.D. Science Policy JNU, New Delhi 2008 – till date
M.A. Social Work Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai 1998
B.A. Psychology, Economics, Sociology Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru 1996
Professional Background:
Member/Researcher Kalpavriksh Environmental Action Group, Delhi/Pune 2000—till date
Research fellow Oxfam (India) Trust, Sirsi, Uttara Kannada, Karnataka 1998-2000
Manju Menon