Dr. Sujit Roy 

Grant Category: Fulbright-Nehru Postdoctoral Research Fellows
Field of Specialization: Science and Technology (Biology)
Name: Dr. Sujit Roy
Official Address and Designation: Post Doctoral Fellow
Department of Chemistry
Bose Institute
93/1 Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road
Kolkata 700 009
West Bengal    
Telephone (O): 91-33-23031152
E-mail: sujitroy2006@gmail.com
Duration of Grant: Twelve Months
Project Title: Identification of Kinases and Phosphatases in the regulation of the Circadian Clock
Abstract of Project :
Protein phosphorylation plays a crucial role in regulating circadian clock function in flies, mammals and Neurospora. However, in plants little is known about the effect of phosphorylation on core clock gene function. My Fulbright project will focus on validated phosphorylation-dependent protein-protein interactions and use a rapid in vivo assay using artificial mircoRNA in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana to identify new kinases and phosphatases that control circadian clock function in plants. This study will help identify and characterize novel components of the circadian cycle in plants. The knowledge gained can be subsequently utilized in enhancing crop improvement and yield.

Academic Background :
Ph.D. Plant Molecular Biology and Biochemistry University of Jadavpur, Jadavpur 2006
M.Sc. Botany Kalyani University, Kalyani 1997
B.Sc. Botany Kalyani University, Kalyani 1995
Professional Background:
Post Doctoral Fellow under DST SERC FAST TRACK projects for Young Scientists Bose Institute, Kolkata 2008–2011
Post Doctoral Fellow under Dept. of Biotechnology, Govt. of India sponsored Fellowship Bose Institute, Kolkata 2008–2008
Dr. Sujit Roy