Dr. Arpan Kumar Maiti

Grant Category: Fulbright-Nehru Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Field of Specialization: Public Health
Name: Dr. Arpan Kumar Maiti
Official Address and Designation:  Research Associate
Department of Physiology
University of Kalyani
Kalyani, Nadia 741 235
West Bengal
Telephone (O): 91-33-25828889
E-mail: arpankumar.maiti@gmail.com
Duration of Grant: Twelve Months
Project Title: Angiotensin III and Peroxynitrite interactions in the Kidney
Abstract of Project :
Angiotensin is an oligopeptide hormone and a powerful dipsogen that causes vasoconstriction, increases blood pressure, and releases aldosterone from the adrenal cortex in the kidney. During my Fulbright tenure, I propose to elucidate whether Angiotensin III is equipotent to angiotensin II in the Renin Angiotensin System at identical plasma concentrations in regard to interaction with peroxynitrite (ONOO–) in kidney inducing alterations in renal hemodynamics and excretory responses, in addition to renotoxic action leading to cell death by affecting Na+K+ATPase (Sodium-Potassium-ATPase complex) and mitochondrial functions. As major renal therapeutical agents are not fully effective in combating the renotoxic effects of ONOO- this study will help to develop new therapeutic strategies in renal diseases focusing on Angiotensin III and ONOO- interactions in the kidney.

Academic Background :
Ph.D. Physiology University of Kalyani, Kalyani 2010
M.Sc. Zoology University of Kalyani, Kalyani 2001
B.Sc. Zoology Vidyasagar University, Midnapore 1999
Professional Background:
Research Associate University of Kalyani, Kalyani 2010–till date
Senior Research Fellow Institute of Post-Graduate Medical Education and Research, Kolkata, India 2003-2006
Research Fellow University of Calcutta, Kolkata 2002–2003
Dr. Arpan Kumar Maiti