Ankita Dhussa
Grant Category: Fulbright-Nehru Student Research Program
Project Title: Dangerous Mobility: Women and Public Transportation in Urban India
Field of Study: Interdisciplinary Studies
Home Institution: Drake University, Des Moines, IA
Host Institution: Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi, Delhi  
Grant Start Month: August, 2017
Duration of Grant: Nine months

Ankita Dhussa
Brief Bio:

Ms. Ankita Dhussa graduated cum laude from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, with bachelor’s degrees in journalism (radio/TV producing) and sociology and a minor in religion. Her professional experience includes independent video production work as well as work for organizations like the U.S. Army and domestic violence nonprofits. She entered the technology industry after graduating, initially resolving technical video transcoding issues for the online streaming website Hulu, and, most recently, as a user experience researcher at the education-technology company Udemy. At Udemy, Ms. Dhussa researched how students and instructors interacted with the Udemy product through a variety of primarily qualitative research methodologies. In addition to studying human experiences, Ms. Dhussa enjoys photography, volunteering, traveling, crafting, and exploring new activities.

As Indian cities continue to grow, it is important to understand the relationship Indian women have with urbanization. Drawing on interviews and observations, Ms. Dhussa is studying the relationships that urban-dwelling Indian women have with metro rail systems and what role these relationships play in the urbanization of India. She is documenting women’s experiences with metro rail systems in Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata, and producing multimedia journey maps, through audio, video, and still photography samples, of their daily commutes. Increasing understanding of women’s commuting experiences will help direct needed attention to safety measures and inclusivity in Indian urbanization.