Dr. Susan Z. Andrade
Fulbright-Nehru Project Title: “Independence and After: Realism, Modernism, and the
Real in Africa and South Asia”
Field of Study: Others
Home Institution in US: University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Host Institution in India: Christ University, Bengaluru, Karnataka  
Start date/Month in India: January 2014
Duration of grant: Five months

Brief Bio:
Dr. Susan Andrade is a Ph. D in Comparative Literature, currently Associate Professor of English at University of Pittsburgh (secondary appts in French, African Studies, Asian Studies, Cultural Studies, Women’s Studies). Edited one book, co-edited a special issue of a journal, authored one monograph - The Nation Writ Small: African Fictions and Feminisms, 1958-1988.

Dr. Andrade’s project challenges the current expectation that ambitious novels from the Third World must practice magic realism. So strong is this notion that many students of contemporary Indian & African literature do not understand the historical and aesthetic value of classic literary realism. They don’t see it as an art form, nor do they recognize the value of reading “for realism”. Dr. Andrade read the relation between politics and form via comparative chapters on South African apartheid; strikes in France and French West Africa; the Indian Emergency, and the meaning and causes of the events of 1968, in the West and in West Africa.