Dr. Srimati Basu   
Fulbright-Nehru Project Title: "Indian Men’s Movements, Marriage and Domestic Violence"
Field of Study: Others
Home Institution in US: University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
Host Institution in India: Jadavpur University, Kolkata, West Bengal  
Start date/Month in India: September 2013
Duration of grant: Nine months

Brief Bio:
Dr. Srimati Basu is associate professor of gender and women's studies and anthropology at the University of Kentucky. She has an interdisciplinary PhD from Ohio State University in cultural studies, anthropology and women's studies. Dr. Basu's teaching, research and community work interests include legal anthropology, women in development, feminist jurisprudence, South Asia, feminist theory and methodology, work, property and violence against women. Her current principal project, "The Trouble with Marriage: Family Law and Family Violence in India," is an ethnographic study of lawyer-free courts, domestic violence, rape, kinship, mediation and transnational engagements with family law reform.

Dr. Basu's research on Indian women and inheritance laws has been published in She Comes to Take Her Rights: Indian Women, Property and Propriety (SUNY Press, 1999), and she is also the editor of the Dowry and Inheritance volume (Zed Books, 2005) in the Kali for Women series Issues in Indian Feminism. Some of her other pieces on property, law, marriage, violence and popular culture appear in anthologies including Sexualities in India: A Reader (2013), New South Asian Feminisms: Paradoxes and Possibilities (2012), Contesting Nation: Gendered Violence in South Asia: Notes on the Postcolonial Present (2013), Negotiating Spaces: Legal Domains, Gender Concerns and Community Constructs (2012), Histories of Intimacy and Situated Ethnography (2010) and Dowry: Bridging the gap Between Theory and Practice (2010) and in journals including Feminist Studies, Frontiers, International Feminist Journal of Politics, Law Culture and Humanities, Feminist Media Studies and Journal of Legal Pluralism. She writes for the Ms. Magazine blog and has written for India Today.

Dr. Basu's Fulbright project involves plans to research a powerful emergent movement in India: men's groups who have organized primarily to protest against laws of domestic violence and alimony. She will study the mobilization of these groups through ethnographic participant observation, interviews and archival research, focusing on their impact on existent national policies of marriage and domestic violence and recent proposals for legal reform. Her goal is to contribute to a better understanding of the political and cultural negotiations around gender, marriage and law in India, and more broadly, to transnational concerns with the difficulties of combating domestic violence.