Ms. Monica

Field of Specialization: Environment (Conservation Biology-Plant-Bird Interaction)

Official Address and Designation: Ph.D. Research Scholar
Wildlife Institute of India (WII)
Dehradun 248 001

Duration of Grant: Nine Months

Project Title:

Role of native birds in invasion of exotic plants in tropical forests.

Project Abstract:

Birds play an important role in maintaining the ecosystem functioning through seed dispersal. Exotic-invasive plants often disrupt mutualistic interactions between native communities by offering superabundant food resources to birds. This results in loss of native plant and birds species followed by habitat-degradation. For managing invasive species it is essential to understand their ecological significance and relationship with other components of biodiversity. The major goal of my Fulbright-Nehru project is to study the significance of bird-mediated seed dispersal of invasive plants and its possible effects on the native ecosystem of the tropical forest of Kauai Island, Hawaii.

Academic Background:

Ph.D. Wildlife biology Saurashtra University, Rajkot 2011-till date
M.Sc. Environmental Biology University of Delhi, Delhi 2005-2007
B.Sc. Botany Honors University of Delhi, Delhi 2000-2003

Professional Background:

Senior Research Fellow WII, Dehradun 2009-till date
Research Assistant Ashoka Trust For Research In Ecology and the
Environment (ATREE), Delhi
Junior Research Fellow Centre For Interdisciplinary Studies of Mountain
and Hill Ecosystem, Delhi