Ms. Diana Jue
Specialization: Public Administration
Home institution in US: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston
Host Institution in India: Centre for Contemporary Issues, Bangalore, Karnataka  
Start date/Month in India: August 2012
Duration of grant: 9 months

Brief Bio:
Ms. Diana Jue graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2009 with B.A. degrees in urban studies and planning, and economics. In June 2012, she earned an M.A. in city planning from the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning as a member of the International Development Group. Her research interests include international economic development and social entrepreneurship, and she researched bottom-up, innovation-based development efforts in India for her master’s thesis. Ms. Jue’s research and writing has been published in USAID’s Frontiers in Development conference publication, the International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering, and Consilience: The Journal for Sustainable Development. She has also written for the MIT Entrepreneurship Review and blogged for the Stanford Social Innovation Review. Ms. Jue was also involved with campus international development activities through the Department of Urban Studies and Planning: D-Lab, Public Service Center, MIT IDEAS Global Challenge and MIT International Science and Technology Initiative (MISTI). As a graduate student, she co-founded Essmart, a rural retail distributor of social impact technologies.

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Ms. Jue has traveled to many countries across Asia, including India, China and Kazakhstan. During her previous trips to India, she was a visiting scholar at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and a researcher with the Centre for Contemporary Issues, Madras, where she currently conducts her Fulbright research. In addition to the Fulbright award, Diana’s individual and team awards include the MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning William Emerson Travel Award, MIT IDEAS Global Challenge Award, MIT International Development Initiative Technology Dissemination Fellowship, MIT Legatum Center Seed Grant, MIT Public Service Center and D-Lab Fellowship, Third Place in Cornell University’s Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise Base of the Pyramid Narrative Competition, and Chinese Government Scholarship to Fudan University.

Ms. Jue’s Fulbright research project, “Directing Change: Successful Public Sector Management in India’s Urban Development,” seeks to address the following question through the context of land development around Bangalore: Why are some public sector managers more successful than others? Through her affiliation with the Centre for Contemporary Issues, she seeks to understand how members of the Indian Administrative Service make important decisions. Her research involves understanding land development through case studies and the perspectives of successful public sector leaders through interviews. This immersive process will lead her to a finer understanding of contemporary India; in particular, how societal practices affect government organizations; how decision-making power is wielded; and how welfare-enhancing, large-scale changes in the rapidly progressing nation occur.