Prof. Rama K. Jayanti
Specialization: Sustainable Business Practices
Home institution in US: Cleveland State University, Ohio
Host Institution in India: Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru, Karnataka       
Start date/Month in India: January 2013
Duration of grant: 6 months

Brief Bio:
Dr. Rama Jayanti has a Ph.D. in marketing with a specialization in consumer psychology. Her research focuses on sustainability, consumer learning in online communities, customer satisfaction and advertising opportunities in networked communities. She teaches sustainability, consumer psychology, marketing strategy, and advertising and promotion management at Cleveland State University, Ohio and has taught at Arizona State University, Tempe, as well as in Germany and India. Dr. Jayanti publishes extensively in top-rated peer-reviewed journals, wins research grants, and presents her research at national and international conferences. Her recent research on virtual health communities was featured in Crain’s Cleveland Business and in Medill’s News of Chicago. She received the prestigious McGraw Hill Steven J. Shaw Best Paper Award at the Society for Marketing Advances Conference in 2006. She presents seminars to business and non-business groups and is actively involved with several non-profit groups such as Playhouse Square and Habitat for Humanity. She is an ardent champion of sustainability initiatives at the college and university levels.

Dr. Jayanti’s Fubright project, “Exploring Sustainable Business Practices in Subsistence Market places,” aims to make a significant contribution to research, practice, and public policy concerning subsistence markets. Sustainable business growth through environmental integrity, social equity, and economic prosperity is a major concern for marketers. Sustainability concerns are heightened in subsistence market places characterized by resource constrained conditions. The challenge is to reconcile the often conflicting goals of conservation and consumption. An integration of supply chains that creates shared value is an interesting solution to such dilemmas. Teaching and research into the intersection of sustainability and subsistence market places is the focus of her Fulbright project.