Ms. Sara Wade
Specialization: Language Arts and Literature
Home institution in US: McCracken Middle School, Skokie, Illinois
Host Institution in India: TBD       
Start date/Month in India: TBD
Duration of grant: 4-6 months

Brief Bio:
Ms. Sara Wade is beginning her nineteenth year of teaching language arts and literature at McCracken Middle School, Illinois. She moved to Evanston in 1988 from Minneapolis, Minnesota to attend college at Northwestern University. She received a M.A.T. in English from University of Chicago, Illinois in 1994. Among her professional accomplishments are her Golden Apple nomination, her National Endowment for the Humanities grant and her National Board Certification. She acts as content and grade level team leader at her school as well. Ms. Wade and her two children are avid travelers; last year they went to Egypt during the revolution, and have spent time in Cuba, Haiti and Italy, where they have family. In addition, Sara enjoys running, reading, gardening, cooking and exploring Chicago.

As a Fulbright Distinguished Teacher, Ms. Wade’s goal is to develop and a share a curriculum for Indian students who are transitioning to the Chicago Public School (CPS) system. This curriculum will incorporate both Indian national curricular standards and the U.S. common core standards for ELA (English Language Arts). Beyond basic curricular requisites, she will include a social-emotional component to ease the transition both out of Indian and into American schools. In India, Ms. Wade will need to become familiar with the Indian national curriculum, and plans to synthesize her own knowledge of ELA standards with the knowledge of Indian teaching professionals in seminar settings. Moreover, she plans to visit schools in the major urban areas her students hail from and meet with curricular directors there in order to make her course of study fluid and seamless. When she returns to the U.S., Ms. Wade will share her findings at district and township learning fairs, the National Middle School Association and seminars with CPS.