Ms. Sukanya Hazarika

Grant Category: Fulbright-Nehru Master's Fellow for Leadership
Field of Specialization: Women's Studies (Law)
Name: Ms. Sukanya Hazarika
Official Address and Designation: Legal Officer
Public Health Foundation of India (PHAI)
PHD House, II Floor
Siri Fort Institutional Area
New Delhi 110 016
Telephone (O): 91-11-49566000
Duration of Grant: One Year
Study Objectives:
My career goal is to empower people to realize their Right to Health in India. Specifically, I will focus on women living in underserved areas. In the long term, I want to launch a research and advocacy initiative in India to promote effective tools (such as rights-based policies and legal empowerment) for improving access to health rights. I believe a Master's in Law in the U.S. with a focus on public health law and women's rights will provide the best foundation for realizing my career aspirations. I am keen to strengthen my technical skills and attain exposure to international best practices in increasing access to health rights. I also want to build networks with like-minded individuals and organizations across the world. In essence, I am eager to be a part of a vibrant and dynamic intellectual community, where I learn from others and contribute in equal measure.

Academic Background :
LL.B. Law Delhi University, Delhi 2008
B.A. Sociology Delhi University, Delhi 2005
Professional Background :
Legal Officer PHAI, New Delhi 2008–till date
Manager–Academic Programs PHAI, New Delhi 2006–2008
Ms. Sukanya Hazarika