Ms. Singmila Shimrah

Grant Category: Fulbright-Nehru Master's Fellow for Leadership
Field of Specialization: Conflict Resolution
Name: Ms. Singmila Shimrah
Official Address and Designation: Program Officer
Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA)
42, Tughlakabad Institutional Area
New Delhi 110 062    
Telephone (O): 91-11-46052681
Duration of Grant: Two Years
Study Objectives:
  I aspire to become a strategic peace builder and positively influence the peace process by acquiring necessary skills and requisite knowledge of peace building and conflict resolution. The Northeast region has an ongoing-armed conflict for seven decades. It depicts militarist forceful occupation, violence, states instability, poor governance, poverty, underdevelopment, violation of human rights, and conflicts. My Master's program in Conflict Resolution will mould me to become an effective peace builder and conflict analyst, which is of utmost need in the region. The program will help me gain international perspectives and knowledge of integrating theories of peace building and conflict transformation. I look forward to setting up an organization and Peace Institute in the Northeast and work as a leader and a change maker in my community, region, and the country.  

Academic Background :
M.S.W. Social Work Delhi University, Delhi 2007
B.Sc. Biology Delhi University, Delhi 2005
Dip. Environmental Awareness Campaign Delhi University, Delhi 2005
Professional Background :
Program Officer Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA), New Delhi 2009–till date
Lecturer Department of Social Work, Delhi University, Delhi 2008–2009
Research Associate Center for Women's Development Studies, New Delhi 2007–2007
Project Coordinator Indraprastha Public Affairs Center, New Delhi 2007–2007
Ms. Singmila Shimrah