Ms. Shruti Shankar

Grant Category: Fulbright-Nehru Master's Fellow for Leadership
Field of Specialization: Urban and Regional Planning (Urban Design)
Name: Ms. Shruti Shankar
Official Address and Designation: Architect
Nataraj and Venkat Architects
SPL Sriram Nivas, No.38
Venkatakrishna Road
Mandaveli, Chennai 600 028  
Tamil Nadu     
Telephone (O): 91-44-24953900
Duration of Grant: Two Years
Study Objectives:
  I am interested in pursuing Urban Design as a means to promote sustainable development for Indian cities. India's rapid urbanization has produced many infrastructural and societal challenges. These also offer potential for new and sustainable ways of living and working. Through my studies and involvement in large-scale building projects, I am convinced that sustainability is a systemic idea, not restricted to individual buildings and corporate checklists. Therefore, through conscious design of urban areas, we can create healthier, sustainable environments for better living. In this regard, focused study of contemporary urban issues will facilitate understanding of urban processes and development from a global perspective. I plan to gain this experience from graduate study in the United States.  

Academic Background :
B.Arch. Architecture Anna University, Chennai 2009
Professional Background :
Architect Nataraj and Venkat Architects, Chennai 2009–till date
Consulting Research Associate and Freelance Storyteller Storytrails India Pvt. Ltd., Chennai 2009–till date
Ms. Shruti Shankar